Ancient Marine Worm Tracks

October 14, 2011

MarineWormEpod (3)

Photographer: F.J.Pobes
Summary Author:F.J.Pobes; Jim Foster

The photo above showing sinuous tracks on a steep hillside was taken  from Cabañeros National Park near Navas de Estena, Ciudad Real, Spain. These tracks are fossilized trails of ancient, giant marine worms that lived during the Ordocician period, approximately 475 million years ago, at a time when this region was a seabed dominated by arthropods, mollusks and bryozoa. The worms were estimated to be over 3 ft (1 m) long and 6 in (15 cm) in diameter. The photo at right is a closup of the left image. Photos taken in September 2011.
Photo details (left photo): Canon 350d camera; ISO 1600; 1/800 sec. exposure; f-28mm; 28-70mm lens. (Right photo): Canon 350d camera; ISO 1600; 1/1200 sec exposure; f-38mm; 28-70mm lens;
Photoshop 6.0.