Green Flash on the Tyrrhenian Sea

October 03, 2011

Green-flash-on-Tyrrhenian Sea

Photographer: Danilo Pivato, Danilo's Web site
Summary Author: Danilo Pivato; Jim Foster

October 2011 Earth Science Picture of the Day Viewer's Choice

The photo above showing a stunning sunset accented by an emerald capped Sun was captured from near Rome, Italy (Campo Minio) on October 1, 2007. If atmospheric conditions allow, when the solar disk hugs the horizon, separate red, yellow and green "images" of the Sun may be detected as a result of refraction of sunlight (atmospheric dispersion). As the lower and middle rims (yellow and red colors, respectively) dip just below the horizon, the uppermost rim will disappear in a flash of green color. Make sure to protect your eyes when looking toward the Sun.