Solstice to Solstice Look at the Sky in 2011

January 12, 2012

GregP2011solsticetosolstice (3)

: Greg Parker
Summary Author: Greg Parker

Shown above is a summer solstice to winter solstice pinhole camera image showing the Sun's path across the sky in 2011 from my location in the south of England. The camera is facing towards my southern horizon. I used a tea-caddy tin as the pinhole camera and flat film. This approach gives a much less distorted image than when employing the beer can (and folded film) pinhole camera I used for my view of the sky in 2010. Note that there was abundant sunshine this past summer and fall – certainly an improvement over the gloomy weather of the previous year. The midday summer Sun is high in the sky toward the top of the image; by late fall, the Sun lies much closer to the horizon.

The diagonal line seen to the left is the edge of a roof, and the two dome-shaped objects at bottom center are the two New Forest observatories in my garden. Image taken from June 18, 2011 (3 days before the summer solstice) until December 21, 2011 (one day before the actual winter solstice).