Breaking Waves at Catania, Sicily

May 13, 2012

Breaking Waves at Catania, Sicily

: Giuseppe.pappa
Summary Author: Giuseppe.pappa

The photo above showing a huge wave pounding a natural breakwater at Catania, Italy was taken during the afternoon of April 4, 2012. The weather was actually pretty tame this early spring day -- this wave and other big ones that crashed ashore were generated from a distant storm. These waves, approximately 7 ft (2 m) in height, were splashing on rocks 30 ft (9 m) above the waterline. The coastline here is composed of basaltic lava – carried to the sea from eruptions on Mount Etna.

Photo Details: Camera: FUJI FinePix S5600; Focal Length: 6.3mm; Aperture: f/7.1; Exposure Time: 0.0018 s (1/550); ISO equiv: 100; Software: Digital Camera FinePix S5600 Ver1.00.