U-Shaped Valley in Western Wyoming

May 02, 2012


PhotographerRussell Losco
Summary Author: Russell Losco 

Pictured above is a shallow U-shaped valley near Hurricane Pass on the west side of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. The valley is underlain by the Cambrian fossiliferous Death Canyon Limestone of the Gros Ventre formation. A tiny remnant of the original glacier is barely recognizable as a patch of melting ice on the left. The meltwater is draining into the doline or sinkhole on the right. Hurricane Pass is accessible from the Alaska Basin and affords a close-up view of the west side of the peaks of the Grand Tetons. From this vantage point it's possible to see the Snake River Basin in Idaho. This picture was taken in August of 2007 while visiting the area on a field course on the geology of the National Parks of Wyoming.

Photo details: Camera: Fuji FinePix A340; Focal Length: 5.70mm; F Number: f/5.60; ISO: 64; Software: ACD Systems Digital Imaging.