Douglas Falls, West Virginia

June 05, 2012

Douglas FallsC67287-1

: James Volosin; James's Web site
Summary Author: James Volosin; Jim Foster

The photo above shows beautiful Douglas Falls near Thomas, West Virginia, adjacent to Blackwater Falls State Park. A tributary of Waterfall Creek plunges 60 ft (18 m) here before flowing into the Ivy River. What makes this waterfall unique is its orange stained boulders -- of the Pottsville Formation. Evidently, the stained rock in this vicinity is a consequence of pollution from coke ovens that were used upstream of the falls some years ago. Eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) and beech (Fagus) trees surround Douglas Falls. Photo taken on October 13, 2010.  

Photo details: Toyo 45AII camera; 65mm Rodenstock lens; polarizer; 14 second exposure; F/32.