Morning Crepuscular Rays on Mount Gringa, Italy

June 11, 2012


: Fausto Lubatti
Summary Author: Fausto Lubatti; Jim Foster

The photo above showing a collection of striking crepuscular rays was taken during a morning ascent to the Bietti refuge (5,640 ft or 1,719 m) on the slopes of Mount Grigna (7,907 ft or 2,410  m) in northern Italy. Rays of sunlight filtering through the canopy were brought to life by the misty air. Because of perspective, the rays appear to converge at the Sun. Photo taken on July 9, 2011.   

Photo details: Canon PowerShot SX20 IS camera; f 6.3; 1/60 sec. exposure; ISO 100. Two pictures stitched with Hugin. Final photo editing in Gimp 2.6.11.