Daybreak at the Heads in Victoria, Australia

July 23, 2012

Attheheadssunrise10 25 08 -1a (2)

: Phil Thomson; Phil's Web site
Summary Author: Phil Thomson; Jim Foster

The photo above showing a fantastically reddened sky and sea was taken at the mouth of the Barwon River, where it enters Bass Strait, in Victoria, Australia. Silhouetted against the scarlet sky is Barwon Heads pier and the "At the Heads" Cafe Bar and Restaurant (also known as Diver Dan's). "At the Heads" was the location for the popular Australian ABC TV series "Seachange."

While a red sky at morn portends rough weather ahead for mariners, the dawning of this spring day was certainly memorable for its beauty. The longer path length of sunlight when the Sun is near the horizon effectively extinguishes most of the shorter wavelength colors (violets, blues and greens) from our view. So if mid and/or high cloud decks are present, the longer wavelength colors (yellow, oranges and reds) may paint the sky in vivid hues. Photo taken on October 25, 2008.