Shadows Projected in the Sky Over Vera Cruz, Portugal

September 24, 2012


: Miguel Claro; Miguel's Web site
Summary Authors: Miguel Claro; Jim Foster

The photo above showing bizarre shadows in the sky was observed not far from Vera Cruz, Portel, Portugal. It was taken at 3:40 a.m. on July 14, 2012 several hours before sunrise. Light is passing through a hole in the wall of a brightly illuminated church (see insert). I was able to  snap this photo through a window behind and beneath the opening. What we're seeing is the projection of the church's shadow on a thin veil of clouds and mist. Actually, since there are at least two shadow projections, there are at least two cloud/mist layers. The dimmer shadow is cast upon a slightly more distant cloud layer. Note the projection of the window along with my elongated shadow near the bottom of the photo. The waning crescent Moon can be seen above the horizon and below the power lines.

Photo details: Canon 50D camera; ISO 2500; f/4; 30 second exposure.