Jungfrau and Alpenglow

October 19, 2012

JungfrauIMG00488-20120923-1921 (3)

Photographer: Susan Tomlinson
Summary Authors: Susan Tomlinson; Beverly Tomlinson; Jim Foster

The photo above shows the majestic Jungfrau (13,642 ft or 4,158 m) looming over Wengen, Switzerland as viewed late in the day on September 23, 2012. The upper reaches of Jungfrau are bathed in alpenglow. When the Sun is low in the sky and has in fact set from the observer's perspective (often in a valley setting), lofty peaks are still aglow in shades of yellow and orange. Colors will shift to red and purple as the Sun sinks lower as a result of the increased path length of sunlight. The different stages of color are referred to as alpenglow or sometimes to aspenglow.

The Jungfrau and the Aletsch Glacier to the south together make up the Jungfrau-Aletsch Protected Area. This scenic expanse was declared a World Heritage Site in 2001. A Global Atmosphere Watch's atmospheric research station sits in the saddle, known as the Jungfraujoch, between the Monch and the Jungfrau peaks. It's the highest research station in the world accessible by public transportation.