Trilobite and Trilosong

October 27, 2012

Trilobitephoto (7)

Photographer: Martin Richard 
Summary Authors: Martin Richard; John Brandvold

I found this handsome trilospecimen in the Trex Agate rock shop in Bynum, Montana. According to John Brandvold, the paleontologist from the rock shop, this trilobite is a Phacopid, an order that represents trilobites with well-developed, multi-lens eyes, among other features. It’s thought that this particular trilobite is Hollardops merocristata, a Devonian trilobite extracted from limestone strata in present day Morocco. The specimen above is approximately 2.0 in wide by 3.0 in long (5.0 cm by 7.5 cm). Being comparatively puny, trilobites do not, alas, have quite the following of dinosaurs. They’ve failed to catch the fancy of  poets, songwriters or even cartoonists. Nonetheless, they have longevity going for them – and a few other things. See Related Links below.