The Little Pond That Could(n't)

November 23, 2012

Little pond ALL

Gary McManus
Summary Author
: Gary McManus 

The scenic little farm pond shown at upper left is just south of Buffalo, Oklahoma. This pond is spring-fed and had never gone dry in the 30-plus years I fished it. It's become something of a symbol of drought the last couple of years in northwest Oklahoma. It's also my favorite place in the world -- or used to be. I'm still waiting for the rains that will make it that way again.

Shown above are pictures going forward in time from the pond's zenith back in May 2009 (upper left). It may not look like much to many of you, but to a High Plains native, this is about as green and lovely as that country can get. Obviously times were good back in May 2009. The view at upper right shows the pond in August of 2010. By May 2010 (lower left), the poor little pond is just a memory. Several months later, in January 2012 (lower right), it's only suited for creatures with lungs good at filtering dust.

Northwestern Oklahoma has remained mired in exceptional drought throughout 2012 and the little farm pond south of Buffalo remains dry, but not empty. In a very bad sign, the dry bed is now littered with weeds. Sadly, it doesn't look like the fish will be jumping anytime soon.