Autumn Reflections in a Small Lake in Greensboro, North Carolina

December 06, 2012

Fall-in-NC (2)

Photographer: W.D. Briscoe; W.D.'s Web site
Summary Author: W.D. Briscoe; Jim Foster

The photo above shows a gorgeous autumn scene at Country Park in Greensboro, North Carolina. Lake Five is in the foreground. Brilliantly colored ash, maple, oak and hickory are beautifully reflected on the lake's calm water. Since there's nary a ripple on the surface in the still morning air, the reflections are particularly strong. The angle an incident ray of sunlight makes with the lake surface is the same as the ray's reflected angle -- a mirror reflection. Note that the reflected trees close to the bank are about as bright as the actual trees but closer to the camera they're somewhat darker -- the reflected sky is also darker than the actual sky. Photo taken at about 8:20 a.m. on October 22, 2012.
Photo details: Canon 7D camera; Canon 24-70MM lens; ISO 400; f/22; 1/50 sec. exposure.