Crescent Moon and Venus Over Toronto

December 26, 2012


Photographer: Andrew Yee
Summary Author: Andrew Yee

The day after Christmas 2011, the two-day-old crescent Moon and Venus were an attractive pairing just after sunset. This view is looking toward downtown Toronto from Riverdale Park. The separation between Venus and the Moon was 7.5 degrees. As they dipped toward the southwestern horizon, reflected light from cirrus clouds underscored both objects. Look closely at the darkened portion of the Moon. It's illuminated by earthshine. Light reflected from the daytime side of the Earth is the source of this faint light. During the Christmas season, the landmark CN Tower sports a festive red and green lighting scheme.

Photo Details: Camera: NIKON D90; Lens: 17.0-70.0 mm f/2.8-4.5; Focal Length: 40mm (35mm equivalent: 60mm); Focus Distance: Infinite; Aperture: f/9.0; Exposure Time: 1.600 s; ISO equiv: 1600; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh.