Fogbow Over a San Diego Beach

December 13, 2012

FOG BOW 2 (3)

Photographer: Jim Grant
Summary Author: Jim Grant; Jim Foster

The photo above shows a bleached fogbow hovering over a couple of would-be bathers on a beach in San Diego. After a sunny start on this autumn morning in southern California, a shallow marine layer formed along the coast. Foggy conditions extended some distance out to sea but the shore area was mostly in the sunshine. The small fog droplets (about 0.01 mm in diameter) ensure that colors emerging from the fogbow will be nowhere near as vivid as occur in the larger raindrops that produce rainbows.

This couple will have to be a little patient but it seems as if both time and tide are on their side. The fog will soon dissipate and high tide occurred just a short while before they arrived -- note the high water mark just in front of their blanket. While the fog persists, they’ll at least be able to enjoy the fogbow – if they even notice it.