Twilight and Star Trails at Adraga Beach, Portugal

February 22, 2013

Adraga-TrailsAtSunset-net (2)

Photographer: Miguel Claro; Miguel's Web site
Summary Authors: Miguel Claro; Jim Foster

The image above showing a splendid twilight sky and colorful star trails was captured at Adraga Beach, in Sintra, Portugal, on the evening of December 2, 2012. Waves from the Atlantic Ocean are lapping the foamy beach, reflecting the sunset colors.

The different colors of different stars are clearly distinguishable here. Yellow/orange star trails are cooler than blue/white ones. Mars is nearest the rocky outcrop at the water's edge (left center). The red planet's trail would have appeared redder, but on this time exposed image it has taken on the golden light of the setting Sun. The two star trails of similar color and brightness at upper left are in the constellation of Capricorn. At far right is the bright trail of Rasalhague in Ophiuchus. Below and to the right of Rasalgethi, the trail of a red giant is shown. Note that the trails of the stars appear to parallel the angled face of the outcrop.

Photo details: Canon 50D camera; 16mm lens; f/5.6; 30 second exposure; ISO 800; sum of 70 images taken on February 12, 2012, between 18:24 and 19:02 GMT.