Lapporten Mountain Gate

April 30, 2013

Goosevalleyimage (2)

Photographer: Adam Whittaker
Summary Authors: Adam Whittaker; Jim Foster

The photo above showing a distinct mountain gap in Abisko National Park was snapped on a trip to Lapland (Sweden) to produce a film on the aurora. It appears that a huge bite was taken out of the mountain. Known as the Lapporten Mountain Gate and Goose Valley, it's one of the most photographed natural landforms in Sweden. The steep-sided U-shaped valley was carved by glaciers during the last glacial period. The peak at left (southwest) is Nissuntjarro, at 5,702 ft (1,738 m), and at right (northeast) is Tjuonatjakka, at 5,098ft (1,554 m). Lake Cuonjajavri sits between these modest summits. Photo taken on March 17, 2013.