Logas Beach on Corfu Island, Greece

May 04, 2013

Logas Beach on Corfu Island, Greece2

Photographer: Bill Metallinos
Summary Author: Bill Metallinos

The photo above features sedimentary layering at Logas Beach, Peroulades (northern Corfu Island), Greece. It was taken in the early evening of March 23, 2013 -- the landscape is brightened by the waxing, gibbous Moon and by a long exposure. The cliff strata here consist primarily of clay deposits with sand lenses separating the clay. At a number of locations along this beach, wind and waves have undercut the cliff face. Note the structures atop the cliff (upper right), lurking precariously close to the edge. Click here for a different view near the same beach.

Photo details: Canon EOS40D camera; 15mm fisheye lens; f/2.8; 30 second exposure; ISO 800.