Paper-like Frost on Tree Branches

June 06, 2013

MonteCurtFrost117picc - Copia

MonteCurt2Frost119picc - Copia

Photographer: Pina Sergi
Summary Authors: Marco Zante; Jim Foster

These photos show amazing, paper-like advection frost on trees in the woodlands of Monte Curt, near Almese, Italy. Below freezing temperatures, fog and very strong winds created these unusual frosty deposits on the windward side (against the direction the wind was blowing) of exposed tree branches. The supercooled water droplets in the wind-driven fog froze immediately upon contacting the branches. As droplets brought by the wind freeze they accumulate outward from the surface they’re deposited on. Frost continued to accumulate until the wind stopped blowing. Photos taken on March 27, 2013.

Photo details: Top - Camera Maker: Apple; Camera Model: iPhone 5; Focal Length: 4.13mm (35mm equivalent: 33mm); Aperture: f/2.4; Exposure Time: 0.0055 s (1/183); ISO equiv: 50; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows). Bottom - same except: Exposure Time: 0.0021 s (1/471).