Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses

June 24, 2013

Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses

Photographer: Robert Jones
Summary Author: Robert Jones

The life-size Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses are believed to represent the armies of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang -- he ruled 2,200 years ago. They were discovered in the Shaanxi Province of China (central China) in March 1974 by farmers digging for a well. There are three separate areas (pits) where the sculptured soldiers were found. This photo shows pit one, the largest of the three. Note that the building covering is to protect the soldiers from the elements. Shown in the foreground are the warriors and horses that have been pieced together. Behind them are terra-cotta pieces that have been uncovered, but not re-assembled. Even farther back are areas that have yet to be excavated. The amazing collection of terra-cotta warriors is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.