Super Lunar Halo Observed Around Supermoon

July 23, 2013

Superlunarhaloj_EOS 6D_2013_06_22_7489_8_pt (2)

Photographer: Luis Argerich; Luis' Web site
Summary Author: Luis Argerich

The photo above features a superb lunar halo as observed from Punta Piedras, Argentina. This 22 degree "super halo" formed around the brilliant Supermoon of June 22, 2013 -- moonlight was especially bright this night. Because it was so bright, the halo's colors were clearly visible -- not usually the case with most lunar halos. It was first visible soon after moonrise and remained in view for several hours above the waters of the Rio de la Plata. 22 degree halos form in cirrus clouds when sunlight passing through the side faces of pencil-shaped ice crystals is refracted 22 degrees before exiting the crystals' alternate side faces. Note the glitter path at bottom.