Panoramic Skyscape and Dunstanburgh Castle Ruins

August 06, 2013

Dunstanburgh Castle Ruins

Photographer: Steve Gledhill; Steve's Web site; Steve's blog
Summary Author: Steve Gledhill

This dramatic panoramic skyscape showing the Dunstanburgh Castle ruins (lower left) was photographed on the night of June 23, 2013. I had intended to photograph the supermoon rising directly over the center of the castle, but unfortunately the fast-approaching stratus and altostratus clouds robbed me of the moonlit landscaped I had hoped for. Nonetheless, the end composition is ample compensation and perhaps even more interesting than one in full moonlight. It was created from a series of six overlapping exposures taken from left to right (30 minutes before sunset) and stitched to create a single image. This scene encompasses almost 180 degrees.

Dunstanburgh Castle dates back to the early fourteenth century. There's also evidence of prehistoric settlement at the site. After about 150 years of occupation it rapidly declined into being the splendid ruin it is today. It's situated on a headland overlooking the North Sea on the northeast coast of England, in the county of Northumberland.

Photo details: Taken on a tripod with a Canon 7D cmera; 16mm lens; ISO 400; 1/640 sec. exposure; f/8.0; taken at 9:07 p.m. Image was created using PTGui stitching software and PhotoShop.