Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado

October 02, 2013

Din Ridge Tracks annotated (2)

Photographer: Len Sharp
Summary Author: Len Sharp

Shown above is Dinosaur Ridge, located just a few miles from downtown Denver, Colorado. Dinosaur Ridge is a feature known as a hogback. It consists of highly-eroded, Dakota strata. The footprints are dinosaur tracks running steeply up the slope of the hogback. They're found in Dakota Sandstone rocks of the late Cretaceous Period and possibly belong to an Ornithomimus and an Iguanodon. Skeletal remains of dinosaurs including Stegosauruses and Allosauruses have been quarried from near here for over a hundred years. Photo taken in July 2011.

Photo details: Camera Model: KODAK DX7440 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA; Focal Length: 5.5mm (35mm equivalent: 33mm); Aperture: f/3.4; Exposure Time: 0.0020 s (1/500); ISO equiv: 80.