Mount Adams, Cap Cloud and Anticrepuscular Rays

October 12, 2013

Rays_MtAdams_CloudCap (3)

Photographer: Robert Farrimond
Summary Author: Robert Farrimond; Jim Foster

The photo above showing Mount Adams in the distance, framed by cirrus clouds at top, and crisscrossed by anticrepuscular rays was captured just west of Goldendale, Washington, a little after sunrise on September 2, 2013. The view is looking northwest across the rays -- east is to the right. These rays result when clouds on the opposite horizon (in this case the eastern horizon) partially block the Sun. The darkened lanes here are areas where sunlight is obscured. The apparent crown on 12,276 ft (3,742 m) Mount Adams is a cap cloud, formed when moist air is forced up mountain peaks where it then cools and condenses. Photo taken September 2, 2013.

Photo details:  Canon T1i camera; Canon EF 28/105mm lens; Focal Length: 105mm; Aperture: f/3.5; ISO 400.