Spider Web Dew Drop Size

October 29, 2013

Spider Web Dew Drop Size

: Dr. Bill Schultz
Summary Authors
: Dr. Bill Schultz; Jim Foster

The photo above showing morning dew on a spider's web shimmering like a bejeweled necklace was taken near Newcomerstown, Ohio. Each dewdrop is like a half-illuminated Moon. The Sun is actually off the picture at left, not at right, since each drop acts as a spherical lens, inverting the image. Note that the larger drops occur where the spindly threads come together. According to a 2010 study, water tends to collect at roughened locations along the silky web, particularly at thread intersections. Larger drop sizes are thus found at these relatively bumpy knots. Photo taken August 5, 2013.

Photo Details: Camera: NIKON COOLPIX L820; Focal Length: 12.3mm (35mm equivalent: 69mm); Aperture: f/4.1; Exposure Time: 0.0040 s (1/250); ISO equiv: 320.