Bay of Fundy Sea Caves

December 04, 2013

Sea Caves~St Martins NB CAN~101413~4sm

Photographer: Carl Crumley
Summary Authors: Carl Crumley; Jim Foster

The sea caves of the Bay of Fundy have been carved out of Triassic-aged sandstone by the action of relentless tides. Tides here, near St. Martins, New Brunswick, are among the largest in the world -- in excess of 50 ft (about 15 m). The tidal range is accentuated by the funnel shape and orientation of the Bay and by tidal resonance. Waves pushing through the Bay’s entrance and then sloshing back to the sea approximately match the length of time between high and low tides –- about 12 and a half hours. People visiting the St. Martins area during low or ebb tide are able to walk literally on the seafloor. Photo taken on October 14, 2013.