Sunset Over Manchester, England

December 31, 2013

ManchesterSunsetDSCF02361 (2)

Photographer: Rob Lawley 
Summary Authors: Rob Lawley; Jim Foster

Magnificent orange, gold and mahogany colors light up the sky above the rooftops of Manchester, England, just before sundown on November 30, 2013. The early afternoon of the 30th was crystal clear, but during the late afternoon (the Sun sets here before 4:00 in late November/early December) a large bank of mid-level cloud crossed the sky from the north. The underside of these clouds was perfectly positioned to catch the day's final rays of sunlight and as the Sun dipped toward the horizon, they instantly illuminated. When leaves fall, landscapes appear drab and sunlight dwindles, colorful sunsets are especially appreciated. However, sunsets are rarely memorable if clouds (or aerosols) are absent.

Photo details: Camera Maker: FUJIFILM; Camera Model: FinePix S1500; Focal Length: 52.8mm; Aperture: f/3.9; Exposure Time: 0.0050 s (1/200); ISO equiv: 400.