Belt of Venus Panorama

January 26, 2014

Belt of venus pano2

Photographer: John Chumack
Summary Author: John Chumack

While fishing late in the day at a favorite spot near Indian Lake, Ohio, I couldn’t help noticing the red glow on the eastern horizon, shown above in a panorama composed of five separate shots. The reddened light of the Belt of Venus with the Earth’s shadow below it are seen arching above the eastern horizon. Also known as the anti-twilight arch, the Belt of Venus is simply sunlight scattered off the topmost part of the rising Earth's shadow. Together, they rise as the Sun sets and set as the Sun rises. Because the fish weren’t biting, the Belt of Venus was the only thing I caught this autumn afternoon. Photos taken on October 25 at 6:58.

Photo details: I used a simple point and shoot Canon SX 160 IS camera; hand-held for all 5 shots with 30 percent overlap for the panorama; no tripod; priority mode; F/4.5; ISO 400; 1/25th sec. exposure.