Earth Tones

February 22, 2014


Photographer: Thomas McGuire
Summary Author: Thomas McGuire

Iconic American architect Frank Lloyd Wright became famous for his use of earth tones in buildings, both inside and out. After founding Taliesin in Wisconsin, Wright retired to the Southwest where he established his second school of architecture in the Sonoran Desert hills of Scottsdale, Arizona. Taliesin West, an active school of architecture, is open for public tours.

In Arizona, external earth tones help buildings blend into the surrounding desert where trees are small and rocky outcrops abound. Earth tones give the interior a peaceful and comfortable feel. Large north-facing windows unite the indoor decor with the natural surrounding outdoor, high-desert environment.

This image of a large sample of Seven Springs jasper with hematite illustrates some of the colorful earth tones found north of the Phoenix area. Jasper is a variety of silica-rich chert (quartz) with many impurities including iron oxide. Note that the actual size of this rock face is approximately 12 in by 18 in (20 cm by 45 cm).

Photo Details: Camera Model: Canon PowerShot SX50 HS; Focal Length: 39.5mm; Aperture: f/5.6; Exposure Time: 0.0080 s (1/125); ISO equiv: 80.