Fogbow Near Mount Luxmore, New Zealand

April 24, 2014

Cloud Bow - New Zealand

Photographer: Simon Williams
Summary Authors: Simon Williams; Jim Foster
April 2014 Viewer's Choice Shown above is a breathtaking fogbow I observed hiking the Kepler Track, near Mount Luxmore, Fiordland, New Zealand. The time was approximately 25 minutes after sunrise, around 8:09, on March 10, 2014. As I was hiking up the track in cloud and mist, with the rising Sun directly behind me, the mist cleared somewhat and this wonderful but nearly colorless bow took shape. Mist was being gently blown across the path I was walking along, and I noticed that the bow would form, dissipate somewhat, then form again -- an amazing sight that lasted several minutes. Fogbows are similar to rainbows, but the fog droplets that form them are considerably smaller than raindrops that form rainbows. The small size of the droplets results in overlapping colors that in essence produces a bow bereft of color. Note the supernumerary bows on the inside of the primary fogbow.