Morning Sky Above the Sunnmors Alps in Norway

April 09, 2014

Geirtoye (3)

Photographer: Geir T. Oye; Geir's Web site
Summary Authors: Geir T. Oye; Jim Foster

Shown above is a colorful morning sky over the snow-covered peaks of the Sunnmors Alps, as seen from Orsta, Norway, on December 18, 2013. Since the Sun is close to the horizon, hidden behind the mountains, the path length of sunlight is longer than if the Sun was overhead. As a result, the shorter wavelength colors (blues and greens) have been scattered from our view. Note how the bluish stratiform cloud at center seems to take the shape of the two summits. The position of this wavy cloud is likely just a coincidence and not related to atmospheric waves.

Photo details: Canon EOS 650D camera; sigma 17-70 mm lens; tripod; remote controller; ISO 200; 1/60 sec. exposure; taken at 9.47 a.m.