Horsehead and Flame Nebulas

May 18, 2014


Photographer: Dave Watson; Dave's Web site
Summary Author: Dave Watson

At the center of the image above is the famous Horsehead Nebula (B33). The Flame Nebula (NGC2024) is at the lower left. Both are in the constellation of Orion. B33 is an opaque dust cloud and is visible against the bright red background of the emission nebula that originates from a hydrogen gas cloud. NGC2024 is energized by high levels of ultraviolet light emanating from the blue supergiant star Alnitak (shown just above it here) the east-most star in the Belt of Orion. Photo taken on October 23, 2013.

Photo details: Atik 383L camera, Monochromatic; Takahashi telescope, FSQ85EDX; Takahashi EM200 mount; Baader LRGB filters; Exposures - luminance 43 x 300s, red 12 x 300s, green 12 x 300s, blue 12 x 300s; Total exposure 6.6 hours.