Ice Slabs Near Marquette, Michigan

May 15, 2014


Photographer: Shawn Malone; Shawn's Web site
Summary AuthorsShawn Malone; Jim Foster
IceICE2The photos above show slabs of ice photographed on the south shore of Lake Superior, near Marquette, Michigan, Many slabs are 3-4 ft (1 m) thick and exhibit multiple layering (right photo). Layers may form when water leaks through fissures in the ice. The overflow water layer can build to several inches deep, and in very cold air masses it'll quickly freeze. At the time these photos were taken, early April of 2014, the ice was starting to lose its structure. Just by touching it shards of straw-like ice would break off. Note the bluish color of the thicker slabs. As of May 6, ice still hugs the shore as far as the eye can see. Summer here seems a long way off.