Fogbow Along a Country Road

July 11, 2014


: Phil Thomson
Summary Authors: Phil Thomson; Jim Foster

Shown above is a splendid fogbow floating in the mist above a country road near Freshwater Creek, Victoria, Australia. Fogbows are nearly colorless and are a bit wider than the two degrees of sky that rainbows typically render. Because the droplets that form a fogbow are only about one-tenth the diameter of the raindrops that result in rainbows, there's greater wave interference leading to overlapping of rays of differing wavelengths of light. Thus the fogbow is slightly wider and the colors are more washed out. Photo taken on May 30, 2014.
Photo Details: Pentax K3 camera; Pentax 12-24 mm lens – 12mm.; Lee GND filters; 1/60 sec. exposure; f/13; ISO 100; RAW image edited in ACDSee Pro7