The Big Drop

October 29, 2014

Golan Mount Avial The Big Drop Pic

Photographer: Menashe Davidson
Summary Author: Menashe Davidson

The photo above shows an exposed volcanic phenomenon known as the Big Drop, found in the northern part of the Golan Heights of Israel, not far from Mount Avital. Volcanic activity was initiated in what is now the southern Golan Heights some 4.5 million years ago and continued until about 60,000 years ago in the northern Golan Heights. Scoria layers built up here after long periods of volcanic activity partially collapsed when a large volcanic bomb "drop" fell to the surface (at bottom center) after being lofted high in the air during an eruption. These layers were essentially baked (lighter colors beneath the drop) by the extreme heat of the volcanic bomb. Photo taken on October 15, 2013.

Photo details: Camera Model: NIKON D80; Focal Length: 28.0mm (35mm equivalent: 42mm); Aperture: f/13.0; Exposure Time: 0.040 s (1/25); ISO equiv: 100.