Witches' Broom

October 31, 2014

Witchs Broom Composite

Photographer: Ken DePue
Summary Author: Ken DePue

Witches' Broom is a distortion of the normal growth of a plant that appears as a large, dense growth of twigs and branches (left side of photo). The affliction is caused by a variety of reasons not typically including witches. Pests, disease and fungus can result in an overgrowth of the affected area. Also known as Bunch Disorder, the invading origin prevents the normal halting of branches and buds (top right). While not usually fatal, the resulting growth can be seen even after the death of the host plant (lower right). Trees aren't only plants that can suffer from this disorder. Even small plants in a backyard garden will exhibit growth patterns if infected. Photo taken August 25, 2014.