Thin Sections of Limburgite

November 16, 2014

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Photographer: Enver Murad
Summary Authors: Enver MuradJim Foster
Shown above are thin sections of Limburgite, an augite composed of olivine and glass-bearing, tephritic volcanic rock. The top view is shown under plane polarized light and the bottom view under crossed polarized light. The study of microscopic features using a polarizing or petrographic microscope is called thin section petrography. Thin sections allow for more accurate characterization of minerals in rock samples.
These specimens, several millimeters across, date from the Miocene and were found in the Kaiserstuhl Hills of southwestern Germany. Both views portray what is called hourglass zoning. The occurrence of this mafic rock in close proximity to the Rhine River made it convenient to quarry during the 19th century.