Angular Unconformity at Telheiro Beach, Portugal

January 30, 2015


Photographer: Gabriela Bruno
Summary AuthorGabriela Bruno
The rock formation above shows an angular unconformity found on the coast of Portugal at Telheiro Beach. Rock layers that break the sedimentary sequence and contact at noticeably different angles are referred to as an angular unconformity. Here, severely folded schists and metagreywackes of the Brejeira Formation, dating from the Upper Carboniferous are positioned beneath horizontally layered new red sandstones of the Grés de Silves Formation, dating from the Triassic. For purposes of scale note the person at the bottom of the cliff. Photo taken on April 10, 2009.
Photo details: Canon EOS 350D Digital camera; EF 18-55mm lens; ƒ/3.5; 18.0 mm focal length; 1/125 sec. exposure; ISO 200; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows.