Ruby Elfcup Fungus

February 20, 2015



Photographer: Constance Wulfsen
Summary Authors: Constance Wulfsen; Jim Foster
Walking along a path aside the Dordogne River, near the village of Cazoules, France, I noticed a bright red growth at the end of broken twig. It turned out to be a variety of scarlet cup fungus -- most likely Sarcoscypha coccinea, the ruby elfcup. It's typically observed at the end of woody twigs and branches during the late fall and winter seasons. This colorful fungus has a cup diameter of about 5/8 in (1.5 cm) to about 2.0 in (5.4 cm). The ruby and scarlet elfcups are found throughout northern Europe and prefer damp, shady spots. They're often found in association with types of mosses.