Thunderstorm and Night Sky as Viewed from Volcan Acatenango

February 11, 2015


February 2015 Viewer's ChoiceThe photo above was snapped during an electrical storm as viewed from near the summit of Volcan Acatenango (13,045 ft or 3,976 m), Guatemala, on the night of November 15, 2014. I ventured up Acatenango on this moonless night to observe the Milky Way, but a fast approaching storm changed my plans. The anvil top of the thunderhead is shown at center. At lower center is pyramid-shaped Atitlan Volcano. To its right is Toliman Volcano.

Photo details: Camera Model: Canon EOS 6D; Exposure Time: 121.000 s; ISO equiv: 400; Software: Adobe Photoshop CC (Macintosh).