Mount Condor Needle, Quebec

March 12, 2015


Photographer: Daniel Leclerc
Summary Authors: Daniel Leclerc; Stu Witmer
March 2015 Viewer's Choice
The Laurentian Mountains mark the southern edge of the Canadian Shield. This Precambrian geological formation is one of the oldest in the world. Over this vast period of time erosion resulted in convex peaks unlike those of the Alps and Rockies. This evolution also made the Laurentian Mountains substantially the same height of about 3,000 feet (900 m). These aren't mountains with overhangs or sharp peaks and needles are very rare. The Mount Condor Needle is seen above. It's in the heart of the Laurentians near the village of Val-David and is very popular for rock climbers (the climber is a son of the photographer). Photo taken August 10, 2014.