Smoke Plume and Cloud Deck

March 13, 2015

Smoke Plume and Cloud Deck2

Photographer: Aristeidis Botas
Summary Authors: Aristeidis Botas; Jim Foster

Shortly after take-off on a flight from Belgium to Greece, I noticed a plume of smoke most likely from an industrial plant protruding through the stratus cloud layer below. With the low morning Sun, the plume cast an extended shadow on to the uniform but uneven cloud deck (possibly fog). The top of the plume is perhaps 200 ft (60 m) above the clouds. This was one of those occasions where a window seat paid off. Photo taken on January 23, 2015.
Photo details: Camera Maker: SAMSUNG; Camera Model: SM-N7505; Focal Length: 3.7mm (35mm equivalent: 31mm); Aperture: ƒ/2.6; Exposure Time: 0.0004 s (1/2832); ISO equiv: 80; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows.