The Hyades Star Cluster and Aldebaran

April 23, 2015

Hyades_EPOD (1)

Photographer: Greg Parker
Summary Authors: Greg Parker; Jim Foster
Shown above is the red giant, Aldebaran, at lower left, and the V-shaped Hyades star cluster, at lower center. Lying in the constellation of Taurus the Bull, Aldebaran is the bull's eye and the Hyades is the bull's head. Aldebaran is the14th brightest star in the sky, having an apparent magnitude of about 0.85. The Hyades, consisting of some 300-400 stars, is the nearest cluster to our solar system -- approximately 150 light years away. Look for Aldebaran and the Hyades in the western sky after sunset. They're above and to the west of Orion, as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere.

Photo details: 12 x 5-minute subs; using a Canon 200mm prime lens; at f/4; a UV/IR block filter; on the front of the lens and an M26C Trius one shot color CCD imager on the back.