Orion in Evening Twilight

May 17, 2015

Evening_20150405 (1)

Photographer: Jurgen Rendtel 
Summary Authors: Jurgen Rendtel; Jim Foster

Shown above is the constellation of Orion the Hunter (at center) as observed from Potsdam-Marquardt, Germany on the evening of April 5, 2015. As daylight increases and twilight lengthens after the vernal equinox, constellations and planets in the western sky are more challenging to pick out at 52 degrees north latitude. From lower latitude locations, the Northern Hemisphere's winter constellations can be readily observed through mid-spring.

On this calm, Easter Sunday evening, Venus is aglow at right center, just to the left of the deciduous trees. The Pleiades star cluster lies just above it. Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is at left center, and brilliant Jupiter at top left. Note that the reflection of the brightest stars and planets can be seen on the lake's surface. Some clouds are illuminated by traces of twilight and the rising gibbous Moon, just below the horizon here and one day after the full phase.

Photo details: Canon EOS60Da camera; fish-eye lens, 8mm; ISO 5000; 9 second exposure time.