Mega-Mosaic of the Tulip Nebula Region in Cygnus

July 31, 2015


Image Creator: Greg Parker
Summary Author: Greg Parker
The constellation of Cygnus (the Swan) is nicely positioned now for observing in the Northern Hemisphere. This mega-mosaic, high-resolution image shows the Tulip Nebula (just right of center) in Cygnus. The bright star at the lower right of the nebula is SAO69116 at magnitude 3.89 -- visible with the naked-eye from a relatively dark site. There are two open clusters of stars to the left of the nebula: the Northern Cross NGC6871, and the Red Necked Emu NGC6883. Towards the top of the image, note a very red star. This is an s-type star having a B-V (color) index of 2.57 which means that it appears very red.
Image Details: I created this deep-sky high-resolution mosaic using DSS2 (Deep-Sky Survey 2) data downloaded using the SkyView Query Form. Noel Carboni's Astronomy Tools Actions Set were used to
create an RGB image from the red and blue channel FITS DSS2 data, and then Photoshop was used to further process the data.  The program RegiStar was then used to stitch all the individual frames together to give the final 15-frame wide-field mosaic.