Running Eagle Falls, Glacier National Park

August 25, 2015

Running Eagle Falls, 6-21-15

Running Eagle Falls, 09-10-12

Photographer: George Seielstad
Summary Authors: George Seielstad; Jim Foster
The photos above show two views of Running Eagle Falls in Glacier National Park, Montana. The one at the top was taken on the first day of summer. At this time of year, snowmelt from higher elevations together with reliable springtime rainfall fills the stream (Two Medicine Creek) needed to sustain both falls. By late summer, however, the upper falls is a dry rock shelf. Since snowmelt ended weeks ago and the drier summer season yields little rainfall, there's no longer enough water in the stream to supply flow for the upper falls. Top photo taken on June 21, 2015; bottom photo taken on September 10, 2012.

Photo Details: Top - Camera Model: NIKON D300; Exposure Time: 1/400 second; F-Stop: ƒ/8; ISO: 400; Exposure Time: 1/400 second; Focal Length: 18 mm. Bottom - Same except: Exposure Time: 1/10 second; F-Stop: ƒ/13; ISO: 200; Exposure Time: 1/10 second; Focal Length: 15 mm.