Cobble Beach in Yaquina Head Natural Area

September 24, 2015

Collage (small)

Photographer: Claudio A. Heckler
Summary Author: Claudio A. Heckler; Stu Witmer

On the Oregon coast, Cobble Beach, in the Yaquina Head Natural Area just SE from the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, is an interesting visit. At low tide, the pools dotting the beach are alive with colorful sea stars, anemones and urchins. In this collage, you can see that the floor of Cobble Beach is not comprised of sand, but of small basalt rocks. The Columbia River basalt lava flow covered this region 14 million years ago. Over the years, erosion brought these rocks down from the beachside cliffs. The rocks become smooth and polished from the continual back and forth of the tides. In addition, they make a distinctive sound as the waves rake them hither and yon. Photo taken April 17, 2011.