Lake Michigan Roll Cloud

September 25, 2015


Photographer: Carter Oswood
Summary AuthorCarter Oswood

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While sailing in northern Lake Michigan this past July, the roll cloud shown above overtook our boat. Though winds were fairly strong and, in fact, a small boat advisory had been issued, no thunderstorms were picked up on radar. We were about midway between Charlevoix Michigan and Beaver Island, Michigan (our destination) when this arcus-type cloud was first observed. It was likely associated with the outflow of an approaching weather front. As the cloud passed overhead (left photo), winds increased but were not severe (over 58 mph or 93 kmph). Note that the waves were relatively small at the time the photo was snapped -- during the mid-afternoon on July 21, 2015. For more photos of this roll cloud click here.

Photo Details: Top - Camera Model = Canon EOS 6D; Shutter Speed = 1/400 second; ISO Speed Ratings = 400; Aperture = ƒ/13; Focal Length = 16 mm.