Antitwilight Arch

November 23, 2015

Annick Merlin Panorama3Tintry Arche anti crepusculaireR

Photographer: Annick Merlin
Summary Authors: Annick Merlin; Jim Foster
Shown above is the antitwilight arch rising above a pastoral scene near Le Creusot, France. This 7-photo panorama was snapped a few minutes after sunset on November 1, 2015 -- the camera is facing east. Also known as the Venus girdle, the Belt of Venus is the rosy strip tipping the darkened region (the Earth's shadow) just above the horizon. The pink fringe is caused by the reddened rays of the setting Sun. Note that the antitwilight arch consists of both the Earth's shadow and the Belt of Venus. When the weather is clear, this phenomenon can be seen twice a day, opposite the rising and the setting Sun.
Photo Details: Sony Cyberhot camera; ISO 400; F/2.8;  1/30 sec. exposure.