Lunar Corona Over Guatemala City, Guatemala

December 03, 2015

LunarcoronaDSC_9213 (1)

Photographer: David Rojas
Summary Authors: David Rojas; Jim Foster

The photo above showing an enchanting lunar corona was taken over Guatemala City, Guatemala on November 25, 2015, one day before the full Moon. It was captured just before dawn -- the camera was facing west. Coronas result from diffraction of moonlight (or sunlight) passing through mid-level clouds composed of tiny, similar-sized water droplets. Long exposure helps bring out the fainter outer ring. Photo taken on November 25, 2015.
Photo Details: Camera Model: NIKON D3200; Exposure Time: 5 second; Lens F-Number: ƒ/25; ISO 800; Focal Length: 55 mm.